Publication - Proceedings

Please note: 

Only original and unpublished papers/abstracts will be considered to be included in the conference proceedings. Only full papers (completed research papers) in conference would be published in the affiliated journals. 

Conference proceedings publication: 

    The accepted papers will be collected into the conference proceedings in CD-ROM or USB disk. 

    There is no page length limitation for conference proceedings (CD-ROM or  USB disk). 

 Registration policy: 

1. All individuals, including program presenters, session chairs, organizing committee members, attending the conference must pay a registration fee. 
2. No matter the paper is single authored or multi-authored, if you would like to have the paper published in the proceedings as well as in the journal, you need to pay registration fee US$450 for each paper before early bird deadline or US$500 after early bird deadline.
3. If authors have two papers, they need to pay two registration fees (US$450*2=US$900 before early bird deadline).
4. Non-author registration fee is US$200. In case more than one author would like to participate in the conference, each participant needs to make registration and pays the non-author registration fee separately. (US$200 per person)

    Every registered participant will get one set of conference package, which covers admission to all conference sessions, lunch, coffee breaks, a copy of conference proceedings in CD-ROM or USB disk, and complementary copy of journal.